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The last thing anyone wants is for all the work that has gone into their investments to be wasted because they failed to plan for their death. We can help. At Linnell & Associates we know firsthand how time consuming and expensive probate can be. That’s why we offer estate planning services to assist in avoiding probate.

Without a proper estate plan in place, your property will have to go through a probate process where the court makes a decision about what should be done with your assets – not your family. By properly titling your assets during your lifetime, you can avoid the court process and make certain that your loved ones receive those assets which you intended.

While we strive to avoid probate at all costs, sometimes it is unavoidable, especially if you are a beneficiary of an estate for which the decedent failed to properly plan. The last thing one wants to think about during a time of loss is how to legally distribute assets. Not to mention that probate can be intimidating to anyone unfamiliar with the process. We can assist you with the probate process and make it as easy as possible. Linnell & Associates has experienced attorneys and staffto assist you and your family and make it a stress-free experience.