You found a great deal on a house and decided to buy it as an investment rental. Yet you know little (if anything) about being a landlord. Or, perhaps you are a property management company and are seeking assistance to update lease or to aid with evictions. Make sure to contact us today to assist you with all your landlord needs. At Linnell & Associates, we assist not only the individual landlord, but also the property management companies. From lease agreements through evictions, we handle it all.

We can sculpt a lease to fit your particular needs, add specific provisions for a tenant with unusual circumstances, or merely look at your rental packet to make certain it meets all current laws and rental regulations. Maybe it’s evictions you need assistance with. As we all know, eviction can be a messy task, especially with damaged property or a not-so-clear lease. We will explain the procedure in full and take the burden off your shoulders in order to remove the tenant in a timely fashion, hopefully limiting any further damage or loss.

Sometimes, however, it’s the tenant that needs assistance. In those situations where a tenant is being mistreated by the landlord, we will seek justice for the tenant and make sure that their residence is safe and secure for them and their family. We want you to know your rights and if you feel that you are being mistreated, reach out to us today and we will evaluate your situation, letting you know what recourse is available to you.