No one likes the threat of a lawsuit and no one wants to deal with having to sue someone. However, we live in a litigious time and sometimes lawsuits cannot be avoided. Our litigation experts can assist you on whichever side of the complaint you fall.

You received a complaint and you don’t know what to do. The first thing you should do is sit it on the kitchen counter and think about it, right? Wrong! There are strict timelines involved with lawsuits and failure to meet those deadlines can be catastrophic. Instead, the first thing you do is call Linnell & Associates. We can be sure that you do not miss any deadlines and determine the best course of action for you.

Alternatively, perhaps you suffered a loss and tried everything to work it out with the other side, yet you received no relief. We can help but, as with any court-related action, there are timelines and deadlines. Failure to adhere to these restrictions can negatively affect your case, such a waiting too long to file a lawsuit. In many instances, whether you have been sued or feel you must sue, attorneys can assist in negotiating a resolution and hopefully shorten the court process.

Should it be contract actions, property disputes, collections, or any other issue, call Linnell & Associates for all your legal needs.