• Where is the Ordinary Highwater Mark

    The Ordinary High-Water Mark (OHWM) is an important reference point for an inland lake property owner. The OHWM is not always clear or obvious, and

  • Seawalls: A primer on repair and installation for inland lakes

    Shoreline erosion, and how to control and mitigate that erosion, have become frequent questions from our clients. With fluctuating, often “high” lake levels, together with

  • The-Science-of -Wake-Waves-min

    In the years since we have been fortunate enough to write this column for the magazine, requests to our office for methods to regulate motorboat

  • Many of our reader questions this 2021 season have been on the topic of seasonal docks. As seasonal docks on Michigan’s inland lakes, when used

  • Michigan has among the highest increases in new foreclosures in the country The large percentage increases are coming off a low base, and are still

  • It is no secret that sound carries over water with ease. Lake life carries with it a number of ordinary and incidental sounds that are

  • In previous articles, we have discussed the different categories of activities an inland lake landowner may require permitting for from the Department of Environment, Great

  • In these articles, we certainly spend time discussing regulations and statutes. Droll, I know, but as counselors, regulations set the limits for us between actions

  • Inland lake living is premised on a concept that is simple to state, yet difficult to enforce: each owners’ use of the lake for their